Call for presentations – The Modern Bar Association Conference


Call for presentations

 Call for presentations

VII International Conference Modern Bar Association

Modern Bar Association and Dialogue with Public Authorities and Civil Society

23-24 May 2024



The Warsaw Bar Association invites proposals for presentations during the VII International Conference Modern Bar Association that will be organized in person in Warsaw. This year the title of the conference is following:

Modern Bar Association and Dialogue with Public Authorities and Civil Society

Presentation proposals are invited from the officials of the Bars Associations from all over the World.


The Conference

This year the conference debate aims to share knowledge about creating social value by cooperation with Public Authorities and Civil Society. May Bar Associations are engaged in such activities and we hope that several good examples of such cooperation will be presented and disseminated.

Above general topic includes following issues (among others):

1.Role of Bar Associations in Lawmaking:

How bar associations collaborate with legislators?

Lawyers as legal experts in the process of drafting and amending legislation.

Dialogue between the bar association and legislative bodies.


2.Collaboration between Bar Associations and Law Enforcement:

How do bar associations collaborate with the police and prosecution?

Safeguarding civil rights in the context of cooperation with law enforcement.

The role of lawyers in legal proceedings and their collaboration with law enforcement.


3.Legal Ethics in Dialogue with Society:

Ethical values in legal practice.

How do bar associations promote ethics among their members?

The role of lawyers in legal education for the public.


4.Human Rights Advocacy:

Advocating for human rights.

The role of bar associations in protecting the rights of minorities.

Challenges related to human rights protection and collaboration with public authorities.


5.Lawyers and Social Justice:

Equality in access to justice.

Pro bono projects and their role in the community.

Lawyers as defenders of the poor and underprivileged.

6.Sustainable Development of Law and Society:


Lawyers in the process of sustainable development.

Collaboration between bar associations and non-governmental organizations.

Environmental protection and legal practice.


7. Dialogue with the Government

How bar associations collaborate with government?

Modern bar association influence on public policies when things go wrong.


Submission of presentation proposals

Presentation proposals may be submitted to by 15th of March 2024.


The final programme of the conference will be constructed including submitted proposals. As the conference time is limited we will accommodate proposed topics in the order in which they arrive.

The programme and official invitation for participation in the conference will be open to all officials of all the Bar Associations of the World (not only presenters). We hope that this will be great opportunity to meet and share the knowledge as well as to establish links for further cooperation.


The Party

The conference will be followed by our famous lawyers’ party to celebrate anniversary of the Warsaw Bar Association (II day – Friday)


Participants and speakers of the conference


The conference is addressed to officials and employees of the Bar Associations from all over the world.


Language of the conference

English (only)



In person in Warsaw (only)


Costs of the Conference

The conference is free for speakers.


Other participants pay the conference fee of 123 EUR (100 EUR + 23% VAT).

The party is included in the conference package for all the participants.


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